Things I did today : TinyCore Linux

For some reason, Intel VT is disabled on this computer. Because of this, VirtualBox cannot run any of my (64-bit) Linux images. Now since I’m too lazy to reboot and turn VT on, I downloaded TinyCore Linux after looking at a bunch of small *nix systems. It’s not the first time I’ve looked at it, though. I’ve been following the project since 2013. But never really got the time to do anything with it.

btw, the reason I was trying to run Linux in the first place is that Code::Blocks+mingw being too crappy for C. Though it does work absolutely fine with C++.  My first thoughts were about using my favourite DSL, but that would be too boring. Part of the reason why I wanted to get a small distribution, apart from the obvious data savings, was speed. And it was fast, alright.


Installing nano was a breeze. gcc, not so much. After wasting some time trying to get it right, I looked around on the forums. Turns out, you need to tce-load -wi compiletc. It did the trick. Although there is a catch. You still need to load extensions into memory, from the AppBrowser (or use -l).

That said, gcc cannot find headers; so the whole thing is still pretty much useless for now. Need to do something about that.


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